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Mental Health Association in Waukesha County, Inc.

S22 W22660 E. Broadway Ste 5s
Waukesha,  Wisconsin     53186-8100

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The mission of the Mental Health Association in Waukesha County, Inc. (MHA) is to promote mental health and to work to improve the treatment and acceptance of people with a mental illness. MHA strives to bring wellness home to the community through a continuum of services, including: 211/First Call For Help Helpline, Counseling Center, Community Outreach, Community Prevention, and Mobile Crisis Response.


Established 6/6/1963, the Mental Association in Waukesha County is a not for profit organization, federally recoginized as a 501(c)(3) corporation. The organization operates on a calendar year ending December 31st of each year.


The continuum of services offered MHA include: 1) 211/First Call For Help Program which provides a 24 hour, 7 day a week blended helpline offering crisis intervention, suicide prevention, emotional support services, information and referral to over 2,500 human services in the community; brief, solution focused counseling through Counseling Center; and Community Outreach which provides mental health individual, systems, and legislative advocacy, and community based supportive services for individuals/families affected by mental illness. 2) Community Prevention offers educational programming through MHA Speakers Bureau where mental health professionals offer time and expertise to educate on mental illness and mental wellness topics; Youth Peer Educators, secondary to high school aged youth who volunteer to educate peers on a variety of mental wellness themed skits and puppet plays; Dial Harmony, educational telephonic messages that provide information on parenting, aging, mental illness, and teenage topics; Resource Center, print literature on mental illness and mental wellness; and Lending Library, curriculum and videos/DVDs that relate to mental wellness. 3) Mobile Crisis Response Team provides telephonic and/or in-person mental health crisis intervention services to residents of Waukesha County. Goal of the program is to assist individuals in crisis in the least restrictive environment possible.


The Mental Health Association in Waukesha County, Inc. depends upon the support of its numerous volunteers to support the work of the agency. In 2007, MHA volunteers provided over 2,400 direct service hours to support operations. MHA volunteers are active in many areas, including: Administration, MHA Board of Directors, Special Events Committees, Gift Lift Project, Speakers Bureau, Youth Peer Educators, Volunteer Telephone Counselors, Counseling Center Volunteers.


Expand community awareness, partnerships, and collaborations in order to support Mental Health Association in Waukesha County's mission and increase use of programs and services.